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Monday - Wednesday, Friday 5:00pm - 8:30pm

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303 Wilcox Street, Fort Atkinson, WI 53538



PGW Small Engine Repair/Sales, LLC. works hard to provide all of our customers with top-notch repair services at competitive prices. In addition to our standard repair services, we also provide you with guidance and instructions on how to maintain your outdoor power equipment in top shape. Whether you need repair or seasonal maintenance, be sure to bring your outdoor power equipment to 

PGW Small Engine Repair/Sales, LLC.

Equipment pick-up and drop-off available

NOTE - Maximum width is 54 inches, 90-inches long

  • $20 pick-up or delivery within Fort Atkinson/Koshkonong; $25 pick-up or delivery within Jefferson/ Whitewater area,

  • $30.00 pick-up AND delivery within Jefferson/ Whitewater area;

  • Pick-up and/or delivery to Cambridge, Janesville, Johnson Creek, Helenville, Lake Mills, and Rome is also available.


Attention to Detail

Since 2016, we’ve provided customers with convenient and comprehensive services for all their repair needs, including Custom Repairs. PGW Small Engine Repair/Sales, LLC. is committed to helping make your life easier which is why our services are available when you need them most. Get in touch today or visit our shop

to find out more.

  • Replace broken shear pins, skid shoes, auger,

  • Replace recoil starter, electric starter,

  • Rebuild or replace carburetor,

  • Repair or replace pneumatic and rigid tires,

  • Battery testing/replacement

  • Blade sharpening/replacement

Push or Self-Propelled Lawnmower Maintenance Service

Routine maintenance can produce dramatic results

Our convenient and effective maintenance service will make sure that your outdoor power equipment is ready to work when you are.

  • Replace spark plug,

  • Clean/Replace air filters & pre-cleaner (as applicable),

  • Replace engine oil (SAE 30W, SAE 5W-30 - conventional motor oil; SAE 5W-20 or full synthetic is extra)

  • Replace fuel filter (if applicable),

  • Check transaxle/transmission fluid level (if applicable),

  • Clean equipment to remove debris from engine cooling fins, scrape mower deck to remove built-up grass/leaves,

  • Blade sharpening,

  • Check all equipment features for proper operation (self-propelled if applicable, safety interlocks, etc.)


  1. $55.00 for push lawnmowers w/o fuel filter

  2. $60.00 for push lawnmowers with fuel filter

  3. $65.00 for self-propelled lawnmowers w/o fuel filter

  4. $70.00 for self-propelled lawnmowers with fuel filter

NOTE: Above pricing applies only if the mower starts when delivered, troubleshooting a no-start condition is NOT included with routine maintenance.

Old Toro Lawn Tractor.jpg
JohnDeere Lawn Tractor.jpg


It might be old, but you like it. We understand that people become attached to their outdoor power equipment and we won't turn you away just because it is older equipment.

This service is one of our newest offerings, due to customer demand by collectors, outdoor power enthusiasts, and those that like "old iron". Whether it is 1960's Briggs & Stratton engine, 1970's Ariens or Bolens, Cub Cadet or John Deere piece of equipment it is important to you. We will provide a thorough evaluation of your equipment and what it takes to get it running right.


Residential, Commercial - we service all brands and sizes from 32in - 54in decks.

When you bring us your item in need of service, we will get to work finding out what the issue is and remedying it as quick as we can so as not to cause any more disruption to your daily routine.

Seasonal Maintenance pricing ----starting at  $100 + maintenance parts -- e.g. spark plug(s), air filter/pre-cleaner, engine oil, engine oil filter [if applicable], fuel filter, and transmission oil/filter [if applicable]. You will be provided with a specific price before work begins.

NOTE: Above pricing applies only if the equipment starts when delivered, troubleshooting a no-start condition or repairs is NOT typically included with routine maintenance.

Annual/Seasonal maintenance -

  • Replace spark plug(s)​,

  • Check, clean/replace the air filter, pre-cleaner (if necessary),

  • Replace engine oil/filter,

  • Replace the fuel filter,

  • Change the transmission fluid and replace the transmission oil filter if equipped,

  • Check the condition of mower deck including belts, pulleys, deck spindles, etc.,

  • Lubricate moving parts per manufacturer recommendations,

  • Clean mower deck, engine, transmission to remove debris

  • Remove and sharpen/balance mower blades as necessary or recommend blade replacement if cracked or severely damaged,

  • Verify proper operation of safety interlocks - Seat, PTO, Reverse, etc.

Common lawn tractor repairs ($60 an hour for labor + parts) -

  1. Replace broken/frayed drive belts,

  2. Fix noisy pulleys,

  3. Replace worn bearings,

  4. Replace worn deck spindles,

  5. fuel pump replacement,

  6. electrical issues - headlights, accessory power, ignition coil, electric starter

  7. Diagnose & repair 'No Start' condition,

  8. Diagnose and repair engine knocking, excessive smoke, etc.



Have us fix your equipment so you don't have to rush to the hardware store and hope they still have a shovel or two left to sell. 

Pricing -

  • $50.00 for a tune-up of 2-cycle (oil/gas mix) single-stage snowthrower including replacing the spark plug, checking auger/flapper, auger drive belt, chute control, primer bulb, and verify electric start works if so equipped.,

  • $75.00 for tune-up of 4-cycle snowblower (non-self-propelled) includes replacement of spark plug, change engine oil (SAE 5W-30 conventional or synthetic blend is included) - Note full synthetic oil including 5W-20 or 0W-30 is $3 extra, checking auger, shear-pins, auger drive belt, auger control cable, chute control, check primer bulb, adjust skid shoes/shave plate, and verify that electric start works if equipped.

  • Self-propelled snowblowers are $20.00 extra and include checking transmission drive belt, friction disc, transmission fluid level, all forward and reverse speeds including adjustment of control cable, etc. if needed.

Whether your machine won't start, isn't running right, not throwing snow, you broke a shear pin, or your electric starter is broken - it is our goal to provide you with convenient, comprehensive, and cost-effective services. PGW Small Engine Repair/Sales, LLC. is committed to helping make your life easier which is why our services are available in the evening and weekends when you need them most. Get in touch today or visit our shop to find out more.



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